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The Oktoberfest comes to Springboro Ohio!

I may not be German, but I really enjoyed the local Oktoberfest in Springboro Ohio! My wife, Leah and I visited the local Oktoberfest, yesterday. It was not a vey large event but everyone there seems to be enjoying it! There was music and dancing: Really good food: Horn Blowers: Fun Games: Beer Steins for Sale And Lots of German Beer! Learn about the history of Oktoberfest Need to Get Traffic to Your Online...

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I Remember the ’64-’65 Worlds Fair in New York

Here I was, this 5 year old kid, walking with my aunt Carol through the “streets” of the Worlds Fair. It was in the last months of 1965. Suddenly, this guy tries to hand me a souvenir! Let me rewind a minute. Now, the World’s Fair to a kid back in the 60’s (before theme parks) was awesome and fascinating! It was a dream come true! Even too much for a kid to handle! I must have visited that ’64-65 World’s fair 10 or 20 times during its 2 year run. Fortunately for me, my family was real into...

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The Dirty Cap Guy Jim asks Whats your Favorite Train Story?

You like trains? I love trains! Whats your Favorite Train Story? Your favorite train ride of all time? Jim tells the story about his favorite train ride ever! It was when he was a kid in NYC. He and his family were riding the subway to Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach, back in the early 70’s. Suddenly, a lady on the train yells out “That guy took my purse” and then, you see… It was a sunny hot day in Ridgewood New York. That’s where I grew up. Back in the 70’s, many folks still didn’t own a car in NYC....

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So apparently I’ve been doing everything WRONG when it comes to Facebook marketing for leads!

FREE COURSE Just saw a recording of a webinar that made me realize that I’ve been messing up BIG TIME. I discovered it’s way easier than I thought and definitely possible to pull in well over 30+ leads every single day for my business!!…   I’ve you’ve been putting off using Facebook for lead generation then you’ve got to see this FREE webinar. This amazing marketer, (we’ll call her “Ms. X”) has had ** WEEKS ** where she pulled in over $10,000, and consistently pulls in leads and new Fans everyday. She even goes over some INSANE Facebook PPC...

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