Here I was, this 5 year old kid, walking with my aunt Carol through the “streets” of the Worlds Fair. It was in the last months of 1965. Suddenly, this guy tries to hand me a souvenir!

Let me rewind a minute. Now, the World’s Fair to a kid back in the 60’s (before theme parks) was awesome and fascinating! It was a dream come true!

Even too much for a kid to handle!

I must have visited that ’64-65 World’s fair 10 or 20 times during its 2 year run. Fortunately for me, my family was

real into it

and we went to see it more than your average family. Not that we were rich. No way. We just managed to get there when we wanted to.

Oh, yes there are photos of me, my sister and my family (and other relatives) at the Fair in existence (even an old 8MM film), but deep inside some boxes, somewhere, at my mom’s house.

Gotta dig ’em out, someday!

I hope these images I found on the internet suffice for you for now.

Now getting back to my story…

Like I said, there I was with my aunt Carol, walking at the Fair.

It was getting close to the end of 1965 and the end of that Fair, forever!

My aunt took me there one more time, before the World’s Fair would enter the dustbin of history.

It was kind of historic for us!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, this guy tries to hand me a souvenir!

It was this one. A pot-metal oval base shaped reminder of the Fair, complete with Unisphere surrounded by NYC icons!

But I hesitated to take it!

Now, my father has taught me to never take gifts from strangers (Yes even back then) and to

Never take anything without paying for it!

So, in a fraction of a second, I was reaching for my aunt’s purse to try to pay for the thing!

Can you believe it?

I can’t either!

Then the guy says,

No, kid! It’s FREE!

I was so relieved! And I had a new toy!
Well, I turned it into a toy. I played with that thing for years after that.

I played the crap out of it and busted it over time!

I was a kid, how the heck could I know it would be worth money, today?

So, my last day at the Fair was a good one.

And you know, it turned out to be the one day at that World’s Fair I remember most!

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